Zero Hour 100 – The 5 Hour Mix

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Two days ago, it was time for the 100th Zero Hour show on PureDJ. For this occasion, I did a 5 hour set containing three mixes of the styles I love or loved the most, together with a flashback to the good old days, five years ago, when I played my first Zero Hour mix on PureDJ. I’ve had guests in the show, like DJ Moore, DJ Digi, Luc Poublon, Eelke Kleijn, Rutger van Bostelen and Terje Bakke. I played short sets (60 minute mixes) but also XXL sets (up to 2.5 hours nonstop).

A few Zero Hour facts:

  • The first Zero Hour mix was broadcasted on on the 5th of March 2004.
  • Zero Hour 003 does NOT exist!
  • If you would continuously play Zero Hour sets from 1 to 100 it would take you 6 days, 10 hours and 57 minutes!
  • The shortest Zero Hour show is Zero Hour Zero Hour 10 and lasts 43 minutes and 25 seconds
  • The longest Zero Hour show is (apart from Zero Hour 100) Zero Hour 017 and lasts 2 hours, 25 minutes and 44 seconds

I want to thank you all for the support you gave me by listening to me live and by downloading my mixes. I can say now, that my shows get hundreds of live listeners each time and my sets get over a thousand downloads each month! Keep up the support!


Remy Spaan aka DJ Spare

Below you can find the tracklists and download links.

Zero Hour 100 – The Techno

The first mix represents the current style I play and love the most: Techno. Certainly not the easiest style to listen to, but I just love it. The grooves, the basslines, the rhythms, it all fits together and gets you into a kind of vibe I can’t express. As Techno is ever evolving, I chose to make a mix of the best recent tracks I could lay my hands on, including an exclusive mashup I made for myself. I hope you like it!

01. Rejected – Dec Trec
02. Hugo – The Sloop
03. Lauhaus – Back to Ipanema
04. Joris Voorn vs Pitto – Sweep The Feelin’ (Arros Mashup)
05. Uto Karem – Homebase
06. Fergie – Maktub
07. Mark Broom – Meltin’ Pot
08. Alan Fitzpatrick – Payser (Uto Karem Remix)
09. Alan Fitzpatrick – Amsterdam
10. Dustin Zahn – Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Remix)
11. Pitto – Feelin’ (District One Remix)
12. Size – Koebel (Nihad Tule Remix)
13. Mauro Picotto – Diamond (Mark Broom’s Stonk Mix)
14. Paul Ritch – Carrramba (Monkey Mix)
15. Christian Smith & John Selway – Mistral (Anton Pieete Remix)

Zero Hour 100 – The Progressive

The second mix I made contains the best Progressive tracks from now and quite a few golden oldies from the days I really loved this style. What I love about progressive, is that it’s such a broad genre. That’s why I start off with some deep progressive grooves and build up to a more trancy view to progressive music.

01. Humate – Love Stimulation (Radioslave Remix)
02. Kamaya Painters – Wasteland (Chab’s Tribute To Bedrock Remix)
03. Funk Harmony Park – The Winner (Martin H Remix)
04. Nick K – One Of THose Things
05. Gabriel & Dresden – Lament
06. John Digweed – Warung Beach (Lutzenkirchen Remix)
07. Plastik – Plastik (Alex Dolby Remix)
08. Mode Hookers – Breathe
09. Gui Boratto – Take My Breath Away (John Tejada Remix)
10. Max Graham – Automatic Weapon
11. Sultan & Ned Shepard – Aidan
12. Remy – Knalpot
13. Roland Klinkenberg – Monday Groove

Zero Hour 100 – The Trance

The third mix is a compilation of classic trance tracks from my Zero Hour period. I specially chose not to include tracks from before 2004 because that would make the choice of tracklist way too difficult, and the mix way too long, hehe. For me, the current trance music is a past station, but I love to get back to the good old trance at certain times. It’s the genre I fell in love with a long time ago. The emotional baggage some tracks take with them for me personally will never fade away.

01. Bedrock – Santiago (Bedrock St. James Mix)
02. SNM – Itajai Vibe
03. Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali – Who’s Watching (Remy & Roland Remix)
04. The Killers – Read My Mind (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
05. DJ Tab & Super8 – Elektra
06. Above & Beyond – No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
07. Daniel Kandhi – Make Me Believe
08. Mungo – Summer Blush
09. Selu Vibra – Divine
10. Giuseppe Ottaviani – No More Alone
11. Eon vs Ronald van Gelderen – It Wouldn’t Be Pocket Damage (Arros Mashup)
12. Laura Turner – Soul Deep (Signum Remix)

Zero Hour 100 – Back To Zero Hour 001

The last mix from this 5 hour show is the first Zero Hour mix, recorded and broadcasted more then five years ago. The show originally featured a guestmix by DJ Moore, too. This one hour mix contains trance with a bit of techno in the end. Enjoy!

01. Ferry Corsten – Kyoto
02. TimeOK – Seven Floating Ways
03. Perpetual Motion – We’re All Here Together (Andy Manston Dub)
04. Mojado – Naranja (Dimitri Andreas Version)
05. Mauro Picotto & Ricky Ferdi – New Place, New Time
06. Mark Norman – Phantom Manor
07. Marcel Woods – Time’s Running Out
08. Randy Katana – Another Wave
09. Signum – Second Wave
10. Mauro Picotto – Tao Tek
11. Marco V – My Acid Peacemaker /w Marco V – ReVolt!

August Top 10

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Heres my top 10 of August, in no particular order 🙂

  • Christian Smith & John Selway – Mistral (Anton Pieete Remix)
  • Pitto – Feelin’ (District One Remix)
  • Paul Ritch – Carrrramba (Monkey Mix)
  • Size – Koebel (Nihad Tule Remix)
  • Mauro Picotto – Diamond (Mark Broom’s Stonk Mix)
  • Chris Liebinig – Auf Und Davon
  • Joseph Capriati – C’est La Vie (Umek Remix)
  • Timo Maas – Jetstream
  • Nick Muir & John Digweed – Tangent
  • D-Nox & Beckers – Cala A Boca (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

Zero Hour 100 will be broadcasted at the 25th of August… a post on that show will follow, soon!

Cheers 😀

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